Product Description

 The transmission section is mainly composed of a motor, a shaft, a speed reducer, a transmission sprocket, a chain tensioner, a blind shaft, and a headstock. The motor, reducer and headstock are arranged in parallel. The motor is connected together through a connecting hood, and then it is hung on the head frame parallel to the side through the four treaty M24 bolts. The input shaft of the reducer is connected to the electric shaft through the wooden Shaw coupling. The end of the output shaft extending into the headstock side plate is splined to one end of the nose sprockets, and the other end of the head sprockets is also splined to the blind shaft mounted on the other side of the headstock. connection. The torque generated by the motor is transmitted to the reducer through the wood pin coupling. After deceleration through the reducer, the torque is transmitted to the nose sprocket through the pin to drive the chain of the scraper to run in the middle groove to achieve the purpose of transporting coal. If an abnormal phenomenon such as overload or scraper chain scraping is encountered during exploitation, the safety pin will be cut off first, so that the torque of the motor cannot be transmitted to the sprocket of the machine head, and the motor runs at no load, which plays a role of protecting the motor and other components. In order to facilitate the overall movement of the conveyor, fixed beams and support beams are mounted on the lower part of the head frame. To accommodate the small space of thin coal, the transmission is mounted on a fixed beam with a total height of only 540 mm.



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